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How it works: email nick.redd@spo.org, go through some material and discussion on freedom in God and what it means to be a Christian man, then hang out and eat. 

What do men want more than anything? Think about that for a second? What do YOU want? I mean really want. In the depths of your being. What do you truly desire? We believe that every man wants to know that he has what it takes. More than that, men want to know what it means to be a man. Unfortunately, with so few father figures out there to raise us up and to invite us into a greater story, many of us walk around with little understanding of who we are (identity) and a pervading sense of inadequacy unsure if we really do have what it takes. No wonder so many of us find ourselves floating through life; bored, addicted, afraid, numb, on auto-pilot. Rather than experiencing the abundant life that Jesus offers us (Jn 10:10) we begin to settle for a less adventurous - and likely safer - life. 

What is needed is men who will enter into the breech to fight for the hearts of fellow brothers. It is our belief that when a group of men pursue a lifestyle that is radically grounded in a John 15:13 mentality: “Greater love has no man than this that a man lay down his life for his friends.” something inside resonates with them and they want to be a part of what is going on. Men willingly make the sacrifice because they are awakened to the deeper desires in their hearts that yearn to be the man they were created to be. When the vision for becoming a man is laid out clearly in the form of a process, men flock to it.

Part of what we desire to do to be a part of this solution is to change the landscape of men's environments in The Church. Our groups are a response to the reality that we were born on to Omaha Beach. We are in a battle. And that battle is fought on the terrain of our hearts. We see our men's groups as a one-direction rescue mission. Each man is going in search of his true heart. To claim back the territory that we have knowingly or unknowingly surrendered to the enemy. 

As we journey deeper into our hearts we recover their warrior heart which is crucial in the journey of masculinity. We believe once we recover our true hearts we will be unstoppable. If this sounds like something you can commit to running after, we invite you to join us.