Awakening the feminine heart

We're pretty struck by this word, awake. Don't you think it's great? It means to stir, to arise, or even to call into action.

Why is this word so striking, though? I think it's because we know how much we need it as young adult women, how much we need to be awakened

As women in our current culture, there is a need for us to be awakened in a particular way to the desires that Jesus has placed on our hearts, the desires that he alone can satisfy, and to be awakened to the call he has placed on each of our lives. This is what we hope to do through our time together in women's small groups in Saint Paul's Outreach.

In our women's small groups, we are awakened to our deep need for authentic sisterhood, the kind of relationship that pushes past the surface level and comfortable nature of the majority of our friendships.  We are awakened to our hunger and need to be satisfied only by Jesus. We are awakened to our place in the world. We are awakened to our cause to fight, the people in our lives whom we are called to love, and we are awakened to the gifts we have, uniquely as women, to share with the world.

In Saint Paul's Outreach, our women's groups are aimed at sharing life together. We're here to lean on one another as sisters and to grow deeper in our relationship with the Lord together. In a group of four to six women, these groups aren't overwhelming in size, and each group is connected to a broader body of women.

Have you been in an SPO women's group before? Fantastic! Come again please. Has it been awhile since you've been in a group? This could be the perfect time to get involved again. Unsure about saying yes to a women's group? That's okay. We want to meet you where you're at. 

Join us every other Wednesday night for our women's small groups. For more details, email spokansascity@spo.org.